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Welcome to A Dope Life

Welcome to A Dope Life please join me on this journey through my memories as I remember different event throughout the seven years that I have been using Heroin and opiates and other drugs that I dabbled in. I am hoping to use this medium as a way to figure out why I do what I do, why I am so self destructive, why I do not care about my future when I had a successful career in the Real Estate industry, and a loving family that has been their for me and supportive in every aspect except for when they found out that I use heroin my sisters jumped ship and turned there backs on me and I consistently lie and verbally abuse the two people who have had my back every step of the way. So thanks for joining, sit back, grab a drink, and dive in to A Dope Life and find out what makes an addict tick and learn that we are no different then you other than somewhere down the line we made a bad decision to use a highly addictive drug that has taken control of our lives and made us do things we possibly would never do if nt fr the dope coursing thru our veins.


It Was A Set-Up

Tonite im gonna tell you about an event in my dope life that took place rather recently. I don’t really know where to start so lets just start off on the 6th floor of Evergreen Hospital room 10. My girlfriend at the time was admitted to the hospital because she had MRSA in her arm that was causig her an extreme amount of pain. She was to spend the next 5 weeks in the hospital while her arm healed and her body fought the MRSA virus. It had been about week and I had spent every night by her side holding her hand, or running my fingers thru her hair to help her relax. It had been a long week and half and I was exhausted. I had been up for a couple days now and I crashed hard that night holding my girlfriends hand. I accidentally forgot to plug in my phone and it had died during the night and my alarm did not go off and my mom was not able to reach me as well cause she was my ride to court that morning. So I missed my court date and the courts issued a Felony Bench Warrant for my arrest. I had court in Kirkland the following day and since i did not want to get arrested a few days before Thanksgiving, and i did not want to leave my girlfriend alone in the hospital by herself she was scared and every day they had to change her dressing and it was extremely painful and she wanted me there to hold her hand, i skipped that court date as well. So BAM in a matter of 48hrs I had my first 2 FTAs. This really sucked cause now I had to move in the shadows or stay inside all day and move only at night so as not to get picked up by KPD. Unfortunately KPD knew my face onsite so if I was walking down the street and one just so happened to drive by well that’s all it would take and I would have cuffs slapped on my wrists and hauled off to jail. So my girlfriend was released two weeks earlier then she was supposed to from the hospital a few days before Thanksgiving and we both went back to the apartment we had been living at with our friend and his grandma and dad. Our friend was currently in jail but was to be released on Thanksgiving. For the last two weeks i had been going back and forth between the hospital and the apartment to take care of Grandma who owns the place i was staying at with my girlfriend and Jerry who was her son who was in his 50’s who is Cody’s father who is diabetic and has many other illnesses that pretty much keeps him bed ridden and requires help to do most daily activities. So I try to do whatever I can to help make Grandma and Jerry life as easy as possible, such as bringing in the groceries to taking out the garbage, to cleaning the kitchen and living room and any handyman stuff around the house as well. I also wake up at 5am and meet grandma at the door and hold her arm and walk her up the stairs outside to her car every morning and at 5pm meet her in the parking lot and walk her down the stairs and to the front door. During these moments while her grandson Cody was locked up Grandma and I became very close and she accepted me and thought of me as a grandson. On Thanksgiving Day Cody was released from Jail and came home to the garage which we like to call the G Spot. Seeing him as really good him and I had become close before he was arrested spending many nights talking and getting high while my girlfriend was at work. I greeted him with a big hug and he hugged back thanking me for holding down his family while he was away and called me his brother and told me what i did for him was more then he could ever thank me for. I told him it was nothing and that it was the least I could do for his family seeing how they gave me a place to live and invited me to thanksgiving which my family had just uninvited me to because I had a warrant and my brother in law who is a police officer threatened to arrest me if i showed up. That same night Cody invited his girlfriend over who had a protection order against him and was the main reason he just spent 45 days in jail. Since that day Cody moved his girlfriend who is an absolute abomination and treats him like garbage into the garage and slowly into the house. A few days later Cody and I started to bump heads because he was jealous that Jen who is my girlfriend and I were aloud to live inside but since his girlfriend and Grandma did not get along she was not aloud to stay in the house. Cody was not done with his court obligations and he was bailed out so he hadnt been sentanced yet and the cops were offering him time off his sentance if he narc’d people out and since i had a warrant and the cops kinda had a hard on for me because i made fools of them on more then one occasion so they wanted to nail me bad. So back to Cody and I butting heads, it also had a lot to do with the fact that my girlfriend and i were going thru a rough patch. We were argueing a lot and Jen and Cody were best friends she had been living at his place with Grandma and Jerry for about a year now. I had only come along a few months ago so even though Cody and I became good friends it didnt trump their friendship and he would take her side in every arguement even though he would take my side and say she was being unreasonable when he would talk to Jen he would say the same thing basically playing both sides. So one night Jen and I got into a blow out fight she was being really mean to me for no reason since we got out of the hospital and everytime we were together she would pick a fight with me. Even though i had just spent 3 weeks by her side taking care of her she was treating me like crap. After our fight I went to the local high school football field to fly my drones because it always calmed me down and helped me relax and have fun. While flying Cody called me and asked me where i was and I Told him and about 5 min after hanging up I saw a car approaching the field I froze and waited a second staring intently at the on coming car. A few seconds later i saw the outline of the car and realized it as a police car. I immediately turned and beat feet as fast as I could out the back exit to the school and into a neighborhood and directly into a friends apartment complex, just as I entered he complex my friend just so happened to be pulling into his parking spot. I told him what happened and we rushed inside. We hung out for a little while and I told him i should be getting home. I text my girlfriend that I was on my way and she responded letting me know I was no longer welcome their. So i went to my parents and slept on the front porch in the middle of November freezing my ass off. The next few days i spent argueing with my girlfriend and my old roommate asking for my stuff back seeing how everytyhing i owned was there including well over 3k in drones and parts that I just had shipped for my business Full Throttle Quads RT. They refused to give it back and it just caused many heated arguements. One night i went to my friend Ashleys house who literally lives a stones throw from where i lived with my now exgirlfriend. It was about 230am and I received a text message from Cody asking where i was and that if i was close we can meet on the main road and he would giv me my drones back. I said ok not really thinking he would set me up and at this point I hadnt connected the dots about the cops a few days earlier showing up where i was at right after i hung up the phone with him. I was high and just eager to get my drones back. I was at my friend Ashleys and about 30min before i left i was telling her how my girlfriend Jen had shot me up with some heroin a week or so earlier for the first time in my life. I have been using heroin for about 8 years but never injected it intraveinously. She scoulded me lik all my friends do saying toting isnt who i am bu she was interested in what I though about it. She asked if i had ever done a goofball and I said no and she got all excited and asked if she could hit me, she even offered up her own dope. I said what the fuck why not I had to quit soon anyways. So she hit me and it got me lit, just straight loaded but I was having fun. So once i received the text i jumped on the chance to get my stuff back. So i told ashley i would be back in 20min and i started off down the street. I got about 5 houses down the road when out from behind a car parked on the side of the street 6 KPD jumped out with guns drawn and flash lights in my face yelling at me to get on my knees and hands behind my back. As I was getting my knees all that running threw my was “that son of a bitch set me up and I know that slut Jen had something to do with it….

Thanks for reading everyone. I appreciate all your support and the time take read posts about my life, it helps me a lot getting this stuff off my chest and it helps me put things in perspective. Please show your support by liking and commenting and following my blog.


Hearing the words not guilty come out of the Judges mouth was almost surreal. I was at my sentencing hearing and I had a good feeling I would get a not guilty but you hope for the best prepare for the worst.

This all started a couple of months earlier when a friend and I were in my car at 5am and its snowing outside and my car does not handle well in the snow what so ever so my friend and I decided to wait it out. So I ran inside QFC to grab something to eat and drink. In Seattle Washington all QFC s  have Top Pot Doughnuts served fresh every morning in their bakery and since I was going to be stuck here for a while I thought I might indulge in a fresh apple fritter and maple bar and a ice cold bottle of milk. When I got back to the car my friend had two meth pipes otherwise known as bubbles in his lap. One of these bubbles was broken and dirty and the other was new but you slightly used. So me being the good friend that I am decided I would put them away for him because he was passed out hard after doing a wap of black. So I picked them up and I decided to clean them while I ate my breakfast and waiting for the weather to clear up enough so that the roads would be safe to travel. So I started cleaning the two pipes using a upright butane torch that you can buy at your local hardware store that is used for soldering or sweating pipes. The resin that is in the pipes is stuck to the sides of the glass and by taking the butane torch and turning it on high and applying the flame directly to the glass and it up till the glass turns redhot it will burn off any residue and and once cooled down leaves the glass looking spotless and brand new. I completed the first one with no problems but during the cleaning process of the second broken one I must have nodded out because next thing I know a local Police Officer is tapping on my window requesting that I open the door or roll down the window. I immediately snapped out of the sleep I was in and I tried to cover the objects that were in my lap but it was too late and the cop had already seen the pipes. So I opened my door and the police officer slowly removed the pipes and then pulled me out of the car and handcuffed me and put me in the squad car. The police officer must have been in a good mood that day because he decided not to search my car even though he had the right too. Which was nice cause I didn’t have dope on me but I did have some in my car. If he did search my car and found the dope the case might have gone a different way but hey everything is for a reason and I was very thankful. So I was booked in jail for possession of Drug Paraphenalia. Luckily my mother bailed me out which was nice cause I didn’t see that coming at all, I only spent a few hours in this small town jail. My parents told me that this is the one and only time they are bailing me out of jail and boy they have stuck to their guns. I wish they would have told me “Hey DopeHead, we are only going to bail you out of jail one time in your whole life do you wish to use this card here and now?”. In hindsight I probably would have said yes, but if I could forsee the tumoltuous year that 2017 was going to be I would have put that get out of jail free card in my wallet and saved it for another day.

So fast forward a few months and its the day before the pre-trial I called my lawyer to speak with him regarding my case. When he opened up my file he told me that they had pictures and that it wasn’t looking very good and that we should take the best deal we can get for it. He wanted to me to basically plead guilty and take whatever the prosecutor was offering me which at this time neither of us knew because it was they day before the pre-trial which is usually when you get offered a deal so you case dosent have to go to the box. But I’m not a push over and this would honestly be my second paraphenalia charge in the State of Washington and I remember my previous lawyer mentioned something to me during that case that the Prosecutor had to prove that I had used the paraphenalia or was going to use it illegally. So I blurted out hey wait a minute if I remember correctly one of the pipes was broken and according to Washington State law on paraphernalia the pipe has to be whole and be usable, if the pipe is broken and said drug can not be consumed thru it then they can not charge you with possession of paraphernalia, and the other pipe was clean and looked brand new and that pipe was bought at the local smoke shop where it is legal to sell and purchase. The lawyer looked at the pictures that were in the file and to his surprise the pipe that was clearly used and had drug residue in it was broken and the other pipe was intact was spotless otherwise brand new looking. So the following day in court my lawyer asked for a continuance and asked me to waive my right to a speedy trial and I also chose to have my case set as a Trial by Judge which essentially makes the presiding Judge my jury and my executioner. So after a couple months went by we were back in court in front of the same judge to find out what my fate was. In short my lawyer who for a public defender was very competent, smart lawyer gave his speech and he referenced a few case laws regarding paraphernalia and some RCW’s and he stated that in the State of Washington to be considered paraphernalia a pipe would have to be intact and usable for whatever drug that the paraphernalia was made to be used for and seeing how this particular pipe with the residue in it was broken and therefore unusable that it should be immiscible from the case and that the other pipe had no residue and therefore was brand new and anyone over the age of 18 could walk into a smoke shop and purchase a pipe exactly like this one. Therefore it cannot be considered drug paraphernalia until an illegal substance is used in this pipe. he finished by stating that I should be found not guilty  by the fact that  the pipe  that was intact can we purchase over the counter legally by anyone of age and that seeing how I had  no illegal substances on me  the city cannot prove without a doubt that I was going to use said pipe to ingest illegal substances. The prosecuting attorney went through her song and dance stating that said broken pipe that had the residue in it could be used to smoke heroin through it  which is silly because it is a meth pipe and any drug user knows the difference between these two different paraphernalia is and she tried to argue that I was going to use drugs through the pipe and referenced previous charges in different counties and cities that I was currently fighting. After going thru the normal paces and hearing my lawyer and the DA say some words regarding their arguments the judge had the stand. The judge spoke loud and clear and made sure that everything he said was understood and taken as law. He first let me know that he found me NOT GUILTY which as I said before is a very surreal moment. When those words left the judges mouth my knees became weak the breath was sucked out of me and I could feel and hear even the smallest sound in the room.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing had the judge really just found me not guilty, did I really just win the case  the feelings I felt at that moment are indescribable even though it is just a small misdemeanor case  out of a small City in the Pacific Northwest it was like I had beat a murder rap in Superior Court in Washington DC .  I felt like I was on cloud nine. I have been telling my parents and my family for a long time that those pipes we’re not mine which they werent that they were my friends and that it had just been poor timing and I feel that a higher power and intervened and set the record straight. The Judge went on to explain why he found me not guilty and it was plain and simple because the pipe that clearly had residue was broken and the intact pipe had never been used. He said my attorney was correct that to be considered drug paraphernalia that the pipe had to be intact and he sighted the same case law my lawyer did. He also stated that the intact pipe was a product that can be purchased legally within Washington State and said pipe was brand new and had no drug residue in it so it was not drug paraphernalia and that the prosecutor couldn’t prove without a doubt that I had planned to use the new pipe within His city limits because when i was arrested I had no drugs on my person. My case was a landmark case is now considered case-law in the State of Washington and is being used in all future paraphenalia cases.

So boys and girls what did we learn today. Well today we learned that if you are ever being pulled over and you are smoking meth well smash the shit out of the pipe and you cannot be charged for it. It actually happened to me when I was being arrested recently. The police were pursuing me and they knocked me down which caused me to fall and roll and once they had me cuffed and pulled out all my belongings my glass pipe was broke and they could not charge me for it. When they pulled that broken pipe out of my pocket they looked right at me and I had a big shit eating grin on my face and the officer who held the pipe in his hand said fuck it broke.

Hey guys if you like this story please leave a comment and subscribe for future posts hopefully you find my stories either funny or educational or just plain entertaining or maybe from some of them you might learn something about yourself. I’m personally writing these stories because I am lost and I’m trying to find my way home and I hope by putting these stories on paper I will realize where I took the wrong turn and went down the wrong path. I know there is no going back but I do plan on learning from my mistakes. Hopefully with the help of my loved ones I will get back on the right path. I will find my way home no matter how long and painful of a journey it might be. 

Thank you for reading. One love to all my family and my friends and even the people who I might have done bad things with. If you were a part of my life then somewhere inside of you is a good person who is just making he wrong decisions due to an addiction that you hate and wish everyday you could defeat. 

Making New Friends

In the dope game people come and go most you can’t trust there are very few and far between when you meet someone you can trust you hold on tight. I’m good at reading people and knowing their intentions. It has really helped me a lot in this game to not get jacked or taken advantage of by junkies, and women. Women who use heroin are some of the most persuasive, actresses that will make you believe and hang on every word that comes out of their mouths. Today i’m going be tell you guys about how I met this tight knit group of friends that accepted me into their clique with open arms and gave me a family that I haven’t had in a long time.

So this all starts the 2nd day I got out of Kirkland Jail I hit up this girl I was selling dope to before I got arrested. I found her attractive but from what i knew she had a boyfriend. So i hit her up asking her if she needed any dope and she hit me up saying she had bought some but it was bunk. We starting talking and she told me she had recently broke up with her boyfriend. Boy, when I heard those words I nearly pissed myself with excitement cause I knew if I played my cards right I’d be banging her by the end of the weekend, and well I wasn’t fucking her by the end of the weekend, we hooked up in less then 24hrs. After hearing about her break up I messaged her saying well shit in my book breaking up with your bf/gf is grounds for getting smoked out for free. That’s just how i roll plus it was an excuse to see her. So i had my home girl who i was paying to drive me around take me to her house and all i remember is this girl coming out in daisy dukes and she had these killer thighs but i didn’t get a good look at her face and she sat behind me in the car so i didn’t get a good look at her when she was in the car either. Well we continued to text the rest of the day and I asked her if she wanted to hang out later that night and she said yes, in a way I was surprised but at the same time I had this air of confidence that i knew she wasn’t gonna say no. So after wrapping up my night hustling I had my home girl pick her up before she dropped me off. So I picked her up and home girl dropped us off at our new whip that will forever bond us. We hung out all night and she wasnt terribly flirtatious but we got high and when she passed out she had leaned over the middle console as to nod out on my shoulder snuggling with me. In the morning she asked me if I wanted to come over to her place and snuggle and catch some much needed sleep. On the way to her house I told her I wanted to make one stop to a place that was special to me and that I wanted to share it with her. Its this small swamp that has a lot of fallen trees that beavers have built dames with and the little pond/swamp oasis is extremely peaceful. While standing looking at this swamp she was standing on the curb she leaned into me and hinted for me to wrap my arms around her and hold her close. Up until this point I have really only known her for 6-7 hours. This strange urge came over me and I grabbed her by her chin and turned her head towards mine with an air of confidence like I knew there was no doubt she wanted to kiss me and I her and we engaged in a long passionate kiss. It was fucking amazing I mean we both instantly fell for each other real hard and we didn’t leave each other sides for the next month or so that we were together but boy she was a bad influence in my life but she was the most exciting, erotic, explosive relationship i have ever been in. Up until that point i have never been with a women like her. But she caused me to do things that in the right frame of mind i wouldn’t have done and I got in trouble with the local law enforcement only a short time into this relationship and this certain police officer had a serious hard on for me and wanted to catch me more then anything in the world and would go to untold limits to get me which he never would by the way. But one night this particular cop was on patrol and came across some people that were in their car hanging out and he approached their vehicle and engaged in conversation this women named Jane and asked her about me and if she knew who I was and where he could find me. At this time she did not know who I was and I didn’t know who she was. After her encounter with the police officer she felt that according to the code of the street she had to contact me and inform me of what happened so she took it upon herself to look me up on Facebook and message me on Facebook messenger telling me all about her encounter with this police officer and that had a hard on for me. She gave me a heads up he is looking for me and looking for me hard. Up until her informing me I didn’t know they were pursuing me so intensely. We continued to talk over the next couple weeks and she would update me on things going on in my hometown cause I was living up north and staying away from my hometown law enforcement. She hit me up a couple times asking if I can help her out and I ventured into my hometown to serve her and some friends hesitantly but I did it cause i felt like i owed her. We would chop it up briefly before I would bounce back out of town. Well after I broke up with this sex goddess of a girlfriend I decided I needed to chill out and stop running amok and bringing so much heat to my person. So while laying low I hit Jane up and asked if she wanted to hang out and of course she said yes and invited me to her home boys house she was living out of to meet up for a couple hrs here and there.

Once I started hanging out more with Jane i was introduced to the rest of the group, It was a group of 3 Corey, Jane, and Karl. They were a tight knit group that was more like family. They instantly accepted me into their group and made me feel like family. People like this are rare in the dope game and they only come around every so often. When you find people like this you grab a hold and hold on tightly. Friendship is one of the most important relationships in the world to me. A friend you can trust and that has your best interest at heart is worth their weight in gold. I started hanging out with the group because of Jane because I respected her and she showed me respect and loyalty and I wanted to reciprocate. So I started stopping by and hanging out for a couple hours here and their and then one night I showed up to hang out with Jane and she disappeared all night and I ended up spending a lot of time with the two guys that made up the rest of her crew. These guys were both really great guys that were smart, big hearted, and totally willing to accept me as part of their group which just floored me cause they didn’t know me at all and Jane who these two guys love like a sister and would go to the end of the earth for her brought me around and they didn’t have any suspicions or jealous thoughts. These guys had lived interesting lives and both had his own qualities that added a new dynamic to the group. So I bid my time I stayed longer and hung out later and soon they accepted me and I found my place within their ranks as part of the family. I felt like I brought a dynamic to the group that was different then the rest and I showed my respect. I will be forever grate to those three amazing people for making me part of their family. As for Jane the girl who gave me the heads up about the cops asking around about me, well we had an instant trust for each other that you don’t share with many people. We were were kindred spirits, we were the same type of person with the same goals. We only grew closer as time went on and we became to care for one another and appreciate each others company. As of the time of writing this blog entry we are just friends who are comfortable around one another and we do not ask anything of each other, other then friendship and loyalty. She is beautiful in so many ways and has led an extremely full life, when your done reading my blog entries and you think my life was full of interesting stories mine palls in comparison to hears and its what intrigues me most about her. But mostly I respect her for what she did for me, i don’t know anyone in this world that would have done what she did which sparked a light of curiosity in me and made me think what can me and this girl accomplish together if we work together. Well as of the writing of this entry I do not know yet as I sit her writing this blog she lays on the couch snuggled up to me with her head on my lap. So continue reading to learn what happens if anything. I can only thank the police officer who decided that it was his life goal to get his hands on me and for going out and asking about me and making this girl want to search me out. Its funny how things in life work out, the universe provides us with amazing opportunities as long as you recognize them you can experience amazing things.

Thanks for reading this blog entry I hope you found it entertaining. Please don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to my blog so you will email updates of new blog posts. A Dope Life is full of twists and turns and exciting, and sexy and just downright unbelievable stories but they are all true and they all happened to me. This is not a compilation of others stories these are all moments of my life that I lived thru and wouldn’t change it for the world. Thank you. Keep on pimping,

Sitting in Court

Right now as I type I’m sitting in court waiting for my name to be called. I missed role call so I didn’t get my name called to set my next hearing date and I was really stressing out thinking I fucked up and a warrant is going to be issued but I guess the judge just went thru role call and if you are present for role call the judge runs thru the calendar and when done he double checks and luckily that’s when I was  called again and I was able to go in front of the judge and have my next trial date set. The weirdest thing happened though I was given a no-contact order against some man who I have no idea who he is or why I’m being charged. I thought I was going in to be arraigned for a 3rd degree theft charge which is a misdemeanor. Heroin and Meth have me doing so much stupid shit one because I need the money and two for the thrill and the chase. I like to believe that I am smarter then the average bear and some of this illegal shit I do is a game to if I can get away with it. A lot of the people I hang out with that use and do not have a job or make enough to support their habit like to come to me or should I say work with me because of how thorough I am and how I plan every step of the way from when we get out or the car till we are driving away with out spoils of war and no enemies on our tail. I have a few rules I live by 1.) Work Smarter Not Harder 2.) Fuck the Dumb – this one has a double mean as in I don’t have time for stupid people or people. 3.) Dont Get Stuck On Stupid. I feel like this is self explanatory. 

These are just a few rules I have implemented over time due to me learning the hard way. Using drugs isn’t the smartest thing to do and there are a lot of people who do not use their brain that God gave them when conducting themselves. Which in turn lands them in a lot of hot water. I am currently dealing with a few legal issues that have me really stressed out and scared to my teacher but trying to live life one day at a time and it better.

Thank you for reading and following my blog. This was an experiment I wanted to give a chance and I think I will continue posting memories and also blogging about what I am currently doing. 
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D-Day: Dope Day, the 1st Day I used Heroin

D-Day, Drug day, dope day…the day that my life turned upside down but not in a good way like the prince of Bel-Air. It all started with a stupid argument i was having with my fiance at the time. It was the same argument we have all the time. I can’t remember what it started out over but it always ended with me getting upset that she would never express her feelings or let me know how she felt. To me arguments are an important part of a relationship. Yes fighting too much can be a deterrent to the relationship but arguing and resolving the problem helps the relationship grow in a positive direction and you learn something about your partner that you didn’t know before. If you are having the same argument over and over then you’re not learning anything, So i was getting mad that she wouldn’t talk to me cause she would always just shut down and refuse to speak which got us no where and would just lead to another fight down the road about the same thing. This time I got a little more upset than usual and i ended up punching the wall and breaking my hand when I hit a stud. Right, of course i hit the stud. It’s like my mom used to say to us as children “the good fairy’s got you.” At first I didn’t think anything happened until i looked at my hand and could see one of my metacarpal sticking out of the top of my hand. I then slowly turned to my fiance and said I think i need to go to the hospital. Well unfortunately i didn’t have insurance so i went to a local clinic that did a piss poor job of patching me up. They also gave me 5 vicodins. I weigh 200+ so 5 vics do not do anything to me at all. They also did not set the break which was a boxers fracture. They put a half cast on it that did not provide much support to the break and it did not heal correctly. After I used up the vic’s I was still in a lot of daily pain soma called the clinic seeing if I could get a refill, up to this point in my life I have never had a Rx for any sorts of opiates, so I had no history of abuse of any kind. They refused me and said I had to contact a hand specialist for a checkup and anymore pain meds. I already¬†have a $500 bill from the clinic and I don’t need another $500 bill that I can’t pay. So a couple of days later I was visiting a friend and cooking lamb chops when out of nowhere he asked if I wanted to smoke some oxy. Up until this point I had never used opiates recreationally and my hand hurt hella bad so I said why not. I was pretty much hooked immediately. I started using daily. My fiance also became addicted and we began using together. We started only months before the pharmacies changed the way they manufacture¬†the pills so that they can no longer be smoked, or shot and abused by drug seeking addicts. So eventually we switched to 30mg percocets, the to Mexican black tar heroin the most addictive drug on the market, and possibly the best feeling when smoke or shot.

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A Dope(s) Life

Hey, what’s up ya’ll? Thanks for joining me on my journey putting my life as a heroin addict in written word to help me. To help me try and figure out where I went wrong in life and why a kid who never even got sent to the principals office and who had a promising life ahead of him as he was progressing threw and succeeding as he climbed his way up the corporate ladder and with every new job was taking a step forward till all of a sudden it was a succession of failures and fuck ups that he can only blame on himself and no one else. My name is Paul, I grew up in a beautiful city called Kirkland in the best place on earth the Greater Pacific North West. Kirkland was just a quiet sleepy fishing town on the opposite banks of lake Washington from the big bustling city of Seattle. This little town grew quickly and became quite affluent yet my parents where able to get in on the ground floor I guess you could say. They purchased a home in North Juanita neighborhood of Kirkland only minutes from the lake Washington shoreline for just under 100k for a little under 1500 sq ft 3 bedroom 2 story home to small for the family that lived in it but it made us the tight knit bunch that though we had differences loved each other and cared for each other more then anything else in the world. Yet as we got bigger and so did the city just like every other city across the country drugs found its way into my family mainly and solely me. I then systematically began to tear down everything my parents had worked so hard to build and provide for us. Well my sisters lives are what they make of it, I know I effect theirs negatively emotionally but they still progressed like the strong, smart, beautiful women that they are. I’d like to think I had a little to do with some of that but in reality I probably didn’t. I was one of the lucky few in this day and age that I had two parents that loved each other and their children and didn’t divorce when the going got tough. My mother was a by the books, follow the rules cause they are there for a reason type person and had a very successful career because of it. She enter the workforce at a young age with just a high school diploma in hand and started working for the government in Social Security office as a paralegal and finished her career making over six figures a running an entire office but it wasn’t easy it took a toll on her physically and mentally but she earned everything by working hard, and following the rules which took her step by step up the government ladder as a women which is not an easy thing to do. I admire her and look up to her tremendously and because of her and my dad and sisters I hold women in the highest regard and cherish and worship the ground they walk on. The women that I fall in love with are treated like goddesses and as such they can do no wrong which isn’t always the truth but hey I guess I’m a hopeless romantic in the age of where most women want a broken asshole who treats them like garbage while I get friend zoned. I guess because growing up my grandma was a huge parent of my life as was my grandpa for the short amount of time but they were old fashioned and raised me and instilled in me as such. I’ve always respected my elders, said my pleases and thanks you’d, and opened the doors for women. When today doing such can get you bitched out by a feminist who says she can open the damn door her got damn self and I ask did you also learn the English language “your got damn self” as well?. Lol. Sorry for the random tangent remember my brain is on drugs heroin and meth so I can be long winded at times and totally off topic and sporadic at others. So close the page if you can’t handle that or continue on if your interest is piqued. All I can promise you is I will be 100% honest with you and hopefully make you laugh, maybe shead a tear but don’t do it for me do it for the people’s lives I’ve ruined, cause there might be some truths revealed that could put me in jail or killed by outlaw drug lords or international gangs. Now back to my parents. By now you have an idea of what my mother was like and how I looked up to her. Well my father is no different. He grew up on the east coast in a strict catholic family to a single mother who had him out of wedlock. If you know anything about east coast catholic community then you know that their is no bigger sin then that yet my father and grandma were well accepted by the community and were quite up standing members of the community. My father an alter boy and my grandma an amazingly strong one legged Irish Catholic women who raised an amazing man all by herself when for the first part of my dads life my grandma had all but given up on her own and lay in a hospital bed after one leg was amputated she gave up living as my anther a new born bounced from aunt and uncle and cousins home to home to home until one day my dads uncle brought my father to the hospital and gave my grandma a reality check. He said Eileen you need to snap out of it stop feeling sorry for yourself and raise your son. Look at him he’s being bounced from home to home no stability. This young boy needs you, he needs you to raise him. My grandma the strong hard headed women that she was snapped out of it and raised my dad to be an amazing man who was an even better father to his kids while learning to be one as he went cause he didn’t have a father to watch and learn how to be one from. But he turned out to be the best damn father anyone could ever ask for. It’s defiantly nothing my parents did that made me take a 180 and head down this dark path that was the express lane to loser, low life scum bag ville that I took. That will hopefully reveal itself down the line as I talk about aspects of my life. My father had a good job during my adolescent years but he was laid off at a bad time which changed my family’s trajectory quite a bit but it didn’t slow my parents down they adjusted and made the best out of it. My dad tried to gain financial freedom by starting his own company which as a young boy I watched him try idea after idea that never got off the ground and saw the toll it took on him. To this day it breaks my heart he never succeeded but he found his niche with the biggest electronic corporation in the world and worked his way up from the hot warehouse to an air conditioned office in the same building but on the otheside of the wall until he bumped his bald head on a glass ceiling which ment he rose as high as his white skin would take him in this japenese owned and opporated company would allow. But he made big waves and installed a system that he created when he first started for organizing tiny parts in a ginormous warehouse that was so efficient and productive that the company implemented his system in every warehouse around the world and sent him to places he never could imagine to go to only 10yrs earlier. It inspired me as an 18 yr old to do the same in my first office job where I instilled a more efficient and productive way of distributing my companies product to its end users that is still in use today 12yrs later very efficiently but the numbers I produced plus the near non existent error margin will never be replicated but can be close. Nothing’s better then the real thing baby. Hahaha. Jk. I’m sure who ever is doing now is doing it better just not with my style. Lol.
Well if you made it this far there must be something wrong with you but thank you. Now you kinda know where I came from and the two individuals who gave me life and what makes them tick. Hopefully my next post will be much more entertaining. Also be prepared for sporadic stories and timeline jumps while my drug addled brain remembers events that brought me to where I am today. 
Thank you pls like, subscribe and comment. Oh yeah yes I kno I have tons of run on sentences and misspelled words. I’m high as fuck right now you jack ass. Plus my mind works analytically not artistically or creative. Language art was my worst subject, math and science were my easy classes, writing I struggled in due to all but one of my teachers pidgeoned holed me and stereo typed me and never gave me the help I needed due to the fact I had the same writing teacher all my 7,8,9 grades and when I hit high school I was already far behind my classmates.