Welcome to A Dope Life

Welcome to A Dope Life please join me on this journey through my memories as I remember different event throughout the seven years that I have been using Heroin and opiates and other drugs that I dabbled in. I am hoping to use this medium as a way to figure out why I do what I do, why I am so self destructive, why I do not care about my future when I had a successful career in the Real Estate industry, and a loving family that has been their for me and supportive in every aspect except for when they found out that I use heroin my sisters jumped ship and turned there backs on me and I consistently lie and verbally abuse the two people who have had my back every step of the way. So thanks for joining, sit back, grab a drink, and dive in to A Dope Life and find out what makes an addict tick and learn that we are no different then you other than somewhere down the line we made a bad decision to use a highly addictive drug that has taken control of our lives and made us do things we possibly would never do if nt fr the dope coursing thru our veins.


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