D-Day: Dope Day, the 1st Day I used Heroin

D-Day, Drug day, dope day…the day that my life turned upside down but not in a good way like the prince of Bel-Air. It all started with a stupid argument i was having with my fiance at the time. It was the same argument we have all the time. I can’t remember what it started out over but it always ended with me getting upset that she would never express her feelings or let me know how she felt. To me arguments are an important part of a relationship. Yes fighting too much can be a deterrent to the relationship but arguing and resolving the problem helps the relationship grow in a positive direction and you learn something about your partner that you didn’t know before. If you are having the same argument over and over then you’re not learning anything, So i was getting mad that she wouldn’t talk to me cause she would always just shut down and refuse to speak which got us no where and would just lead to another fight down the road about the same thing. This time I got a little more upset than usual and i ended up punching the wall and breaking my hand when I hit a stud. Right, of course i hit the stud. It’s like my mom used to say to us as children “the good fairy’s got you.” At first I didn’t think anything happened until i looked at my hand and could see one of my metacarpal sticking out of the top of my hand. I then slowly turned to my fiance and said I think i need to go to the hospital. Well unfortunately i didn’t have insurance so i went to a local clinic that did a piss poor job of patching me up. They also gave me 5 vicodins. I weigh 200+ so 5 vics do not do anything to me at all. They also did not set the break which was a boxers fracture. They put a half cast on it that did not provide much support to the break and it did not heal correctly. After I used up the vic’s I was still in a lot of daily pain soma called the clinic seeing if I could get a refill, up to this point in my life I have never had a Rx for any sorts of opiates, so I had no history of abuse of any kind. They refused me and said I had to contact a hand specialist for a checkup and anymore pain meds. I already have a $500 bill from the clinic and I don’t need another $500 bill that I can’t pay. So a couple of days later I was visiting a friend and cooking lamb chops when out of nowhere he asked if I wanted to smoke some oxy. Up until this point I had never used opiates recreationally and my hand hurt hella bad so I said why not. I was pretty much hooked immediately. I started using daily. My fiance also became addicted and we began using together. We started only months before the pharmacies changed the way they manufacture the pills so that they can no longer be smoked, or shot and abused by drug seeking addicts. So eventually we switched to 30mg percocets, the to Mexican black tar heroin the most addictive drug on the market, and possibly the best feeling when smoke or shot.

Thank you again for joining me on my journey through my memories regarding a dope life that I am currently living and am trying to escape. Please like, subscribe and follow me so you can be updated when a new story is posted.


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