Sitting in Court

Right now as I type I’m sitting in court waiting for my name to be called. I missed role call so I didn’t get my name called to set my next hearing date and I was really stressing out thinking I fucked up and a warrant is going to be issued but I guess the judge just went thru role call and if you are present for role call the judge runs thru the calendar and when done he double checks and luckily that’s when I was  called again and I was able to go in front of the judge and have my next trial date set. The weirdest thing happened though I was given a no-contact order against some man who I have no idea who he is or why I’m being charged. I thought I was going in to be arraigned for a 3rd degree theft charge which is a misdemeanor. Heroin and Meth have me doing so much stupid shit one because I need the money and two for the thrill and the chase. I like to believe that I am smarter then the average bear and some of this illegal shit I do is a game to if I can get away with it. A lot of the people I hang out with that use and do not have a job or make enough to support their habit like to come to me or should I say work with me because of how thorough I am and how I plan every step of the way from when we get out or the car till we are driving away with out spoils of war and no enemies on our tail. I have a few rules I live by 1.) Work Smarter Not Harder 2.) Fuck the Dumb – this one has a double mean as in I don’t have time for stupid people or people. 3.) Dont Get Stuck On Stupid. I feel like this is self explanatory. 

These are just a few rules I have implemented over time due to me learning the hard way. Using drugs isn’t the smartest thing to do and there are a lot of people who do not use their brain that God gave them when conducting themselves. Which in turn lands them in a lot of hot water. I am currently dealing with a few legal issues that have me really stressed out and scared to my teacher but trying to live life one day at a time and it better.

Thank you for reading and following my blog. This was an experiment I wanted to give a chance and I think I will continue posting memories and also blogging about what I am currently doing. 
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